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Founded in 1984, the Baptist Pastors and Ministers Conference was formed to support the pastors, ministers and churches of Metropolitan Omaha. 


The initial board of directors consisted of Rev. John Whittington, Rev. W. M. Harper, Rev. Negil McPherson, Sr., Rev. Horace McMillon, Jr., Rev. L. D. Clemons, and Rev. James Temple.

The primary  purposes of the BPMC include:

  1. To provide developmental experiences and resources for pastors and ministers.

  2. To provide a process for the ordination of licensed ministers.

  3. To stimulate the involvement of churches, religious and community organizations and others of goodwill in process of social change and improvement.  It is non-profit, locally based to serve the Omaha area.

  4. To plan, develop, facilitate, administer and implement in such fields as:  community organizing, employment counseling, job development, housing, consumer education and participation, economic development, and other related supportive social services.

  5. To study community needs and develop research and evaluation procedures.

  6. To obtain maximum feasible participation of residents of the target community development activities.

  7. To cooperate and partner with organizations such as community planning boards, local school boards, civic and social welfare agencies, and institutions serving human needs.

  8. To apply for, receive and disburse funds from governmental or private agencies/foundations and other sources, which may be available in connection with stated purpose.

  9. To promote and strengthen member Baptist churches in their efforts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  10. To sponsor informational forums in community settings without any expressed and/or collective ties to lobby and/or endorse political candidates.

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