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The Holman Bible Dictionary defines ordination as the appointing, consecrating, or commissioning of persons for special service to the Lord and His people. While today there are denominational differences regarding the meaning, purpose, and process of ordination, there is biblical evidence of “ordination” in both the Old and New Testaments.

Ordination of a minister of the gospel through the Baptist Pastors and Ministers Conference is a collaborative effort between an active pastor or church and the conference itself.  The shared vision of formally acknowledging the fitness of a candidate for a specific area of concentration within the work of ministry is accomplished by the internal and ongoing development of the candidate under the guidance of their pastor and the objective standards that are upheld through the conference.   

The information found here will assist pastors in understanding the Ordination Process if they choose to use the resources of BPMC to conduct the examination for ordination of a minister.

Ordination Policy & Procedures

Details for Pastors on the BPMC ordination process and procedures.

Ordination Process Overview for Candidates for Ordination

Information for licensed ministers who are preparing for ordination.

Ordination Request Form

Pastors should complete this form and send to the BPMC President to schedule ministerial ordination.

Pastor's Reference Form

Pastors provide a detailed reference and evaluation of their candidate for ordination.

Ordination Written Examination

Pastors proctor this exam when completed by their ministerial candidates.

Candidate's Call & Commission Summary

Candidates describe their call to the gospel ministry and their anticipated area of ministry service after ordination.

Ordination Oral Examination

Details of the oral examination process.

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